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  Women are playing an increasingly important part in society today. In many countries, more and more women are acting as workers, farmers, scientists, and even leaders. We can say that almost all jobs which men can do are done successfully by women. Women are no longer looked down upon by society.

  With the changes in their social role, women's position in family has been improved as well. Husband and wife are now equal in the family. They deal with problems of daily life together, and share happiness with each other. In today's families, women are not usually the ones busy with dinners.

  In spite of these changes , the liberation of women has not been completely realized. A number of men are self-centered, who regard women as incapable. Few women are allowed to attend important international meetings dominated by men. That's really the problem we should solve immediatel.


  Today,more and more college graduates, especially girls,are have great employment pressure.The employing units in the recruitment use various causes of discrimination against girls. They are treated differently and They do not have the same rights as the boys. As far as I am concerned, women can over perform men in many aspects such as carefulness, patience, delicacy. female employers also should have confidence and the firm belief hat if they are really, they can surely find a satisfactory job despite all the prejudices. I firmly believe that women should be given the same rights as men, because they are equally important in all human activities. Therefore, the personnel director should offer more opportunities to female applicants, so that they won’t lose their talented stuffs.




  It can’t be denied that sexism still exists at present,maybe never disappear.Why appears this phenomenon?Where reflects?What is its influence?How can resolve?

  These four problems are this title of this essay.After all female is different male on physiological part,so male has advantage of female on physical structure.On the other way,male also has advantage on mentality.Especially meet huge obstacle,male will suit faster than female on normal conditions.This is the key term for why appears.People’s traditional logic always offers wrong understanding which originally takes effect by feudal thought.

  This is history reminds to present,if want to thoroughly clean this effect influences,it is hardly and need more and more time,even need several centuries.Social needs is the third part,everyone all knows every countries all has their military power.Military power and economical power is a standard to determine countries’ competitive strength on world,but female is too hardly to intervene military power.Developed countries and developing countries,disparity of sexism problem reflect,so this problem can’t neglect.Sexism always reflects on jobs,social status in developed countries and education,memories,incomes and so on in some developing countries.

  It is hard expressing clearly just cause for this phenomenon always happens in the details.Nowadays,although the influence of sexism hasn’t been so serious,harmony society doesn’t needs this phenomenon exists.The sexism likes a worm on a pretty picture.If whole society doesn’t pay more important to it,the filth will go on effecting harmony society steps in perfect.







  Sex discrimination in employment

  It is against the law to discriminate against someone because of their sex.All stages of

  employment are protected,including recruitment,staff selection,workplace terms and conditions and dismissal.

  Sex discrimination occurs when treating someone unfairly because of their sex,

  and causing them to be disadvantaged as a result.

  Sex discrimination can occur if employers or managers hold assumptions about what sort of work women and men are capable,or not capable,of performing.

  Examples of sex discrimination could include:

  1,not hiring a woman because the employer thinks she won’t fit into a traditionally ‘male


  2,offering women and men different rates of pay or employment related benefits

  3,not promoting a woman to a more senior position because ‘it’s a blokey culture and the

  other employees wouldn't respect a female supervisor’

  4,allocating work tasks based on a person’s gender.

  For example,Barbara applies for a job as a bus driver.She had been a transport driver in the R女性求职受歧视高中英语作文F and has plenty of experience.When the employer gives her the job he tells her that he doubts she will be able to “hack the pace” and that she will be paid less than her male colleagues until she “proves herself”.


  Gender Inequality in Employment of College Graduates Though people's concept of gender has changed a lot gender inequality in some cases still exists. I will mainly express my opinions on gender inequality in employment of college graduates in this passage. It is generally acknowledged that college graduates are confronted with heavy pressure of seeking jobs in China. However it is more difficult for female graduates to seek a good job because of the social discrimination.There is no denying that female job-seekers are treated unequally when they apply for most of the jobs such as computer programmers drivers factory workers and so on. There are numerous reasons accounting for this phenomenon. Above all compared with male graduates female graduates are concerned to have inevitable physical weaknesses. In addition women have to give birth to babies one day they get married consequently they need a maternity leave for several months which certainly makes less profit for the company. As far as I am concerned women can do as good as men even better than men therefore women shouldn't be treated unequally. The government can take measures to improve this situation in the meanwhile the society and companies should also give equal opportunities to female graduates and male graduates. If this discrimination can be eliminated our society will be bound to be better.



  Gender equalityand perhaps will never be realizedsince any time things were not fully balanced.Men and women born on physiological differences in the social division of labor is a difference.As a femaleI have to admit that the men in the area of rational logical thinking than femalesIn many areas of the male imagination and high-tech research and development capability to significantly stronger in women!obvious fact :in schools insidemathematicsphysicschemistry category of disciplines player always boyswho surprised the political arena is often scold menand the female is quite limited!!!

  Read an original expression :how both women for freedomequal rightswhich are given to men.

  It is economic strength decisions statuswhich both meet in a countrysimilarly to the formation of a community in each family.

  In factwomen now have a lot to fight for the rights of some even too radical.I remember when I graduated from the University of papers on the theme of contemporary domestic violence new trend -- now husband abuse atrocities popularmany women have cast off the image of womanbut to the level of "Mulaohu" "female hooligans" ferocious imageHa-haperhaps one day with the development of economy and science and technology and constantly changing socialWe may also return to the matriarchal society of Kazakhstan Ha!

  To the world all women are happy!!

  I can only say that men and women are not equal to what inequalitycan rely on their own ability to make the sub-issuesso a necessaryon how to make their !!!男女平等,也许永远也不会实现,因为任何事情不是完全平衡的。出生的男性和女性在社会分工的生理差异是有区别的。作为一个女性,我不得不承认,男性比女性在理性的逻辑思维方面,在许多地区的男性想象和高新技术的研究与开发能力明显强于女性!显而易见的事实:在学校内部,数学、物理、化学类学科的玩家总是男生,谁惊讶江湖往往骂男人,而女生则相当有限!!!






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