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我喜欢的季节 My Favorite Season

  Spring is my favorite season. In spring days, everything comes out. While you are walking outside, your eyes will be filled with green.

  In spring days, our world is a sunny place, which is covered with green trees and colorful flowers, so it can be described as a paradise. Especially when you are in the countryside, you can see green mountains, vast fields, clean streams, and all the living creatures, coexisting harmoniously. All of them make up the most beautiful picture in the world.

  In spring days, the sun shines brightly, and there's also some pleasant breeze. So how charming it is while feeling the spring wind blow us. It's also wonderful to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. You will also get a lot of refreshments while having a walk outside.

  I hope we can enjoy the life of spring every day.





我喜欢冬天 I Like Winter

  There are four seasons in a year, spring means reborn, the trees become green and the flowers get boom. In the summer, the weather is hot while in the autumn, the weather is cool, the winter means cold. Among the four seasons, I like the winter best, though it is cold, I enjoy the weather. I don’t have to bear the hot weather, when I sleep, the warm makes me feel so comfortable, I have the good sleep. What’s more, I can play the snow, I like to build all kinds of snowmen, I play with my friends, we are enjoying the moment. I like winter so much, it brings me so much happiness.


秋天的味道 Autumn Taste

  As for me, I have a special emotion to autumn. Autumn always gives me a kind of feeling which can make me forget sorrow. Every time when autumn comes, I am always glad to feel the beautiful season. I can enjoy myself in this great season.

  I like the wind of autumn. It is cool and comfortable. When the wind kisses my face, I will close my eyes and smile. I know that wind brings me the breath of autumn. She lets me understand that autumn is full of happiness. I can smell and taste autumn everywhere. The view of the autumn will give me a huge enjoyment. As for me, the wind in autumn is the best present. I am deeply attracted by the autumn wind. This taste of autumn is delicious.

  I also love autumn colors. The leaves will turn yellow in autumn. This kind of yellow represents hope and maturity. When I see these yellow leaves, I will think that they still enter into the soil and will give the tree adequate nutrition. Thus, they never leave the tree. I am moved by this sentiment. This phenomenon gives me many thoughts about human society. I believe that our society will have a better development if we realize that we should have a grateful heart. Autumn colors are so magical for me. They let me have bigger imagination space to think over life. I know this taste of autumn is sweet.

  I really appreciate autumn quality. In my eyes, autumn is just a mature person. And her love requires no return. In this season, when I walk on the way, I can feel her sincerity and her firmness. Although she can’t speak one word, I can learn something from her. This taste of autumn is pregnant and attractive.

  Autumn is my favorite season and I will go on to feel autumn. Autumn also makes me have a deeper understanding of cherishing everything that I have now.






最美好的夏天 The Best Summer

  Every time when summer comes, I am so looking forward to summer vacation, because I can make many plans in the long vacation. Last summer, I spent a month to stay with my uncle and his family. They live in the north. When I got there, I found the weather there was not that hot and I liked the coolness. In the daytime, my cousin and I played on the beach, because we lived near the beach. I would paint pictures and wait for the water to wash they away. Sometimes my uncle would take his boat with us. We floated on the sea and appreciated the beautiful nature. This is the best summer for me. I wish I could have chances to spend some time with them again. I will never forget those happy days.


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