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  Today is March 8th -- women's day, my father told me today is the day to commemorate the female revolution, we want to give mother a special holiday.

  Mother's unit lunch, my father and I carefully selected a silver necklace, I also finished the homework early. Mom came back and I was happy to open the door for my mother and said, "mom, happy holidays!" Mother took me in my arms happily and gave me a big kiss. "Mom, I want to give you a surprise today. That is, I finished my homework on my own, and I have written six arithmetic problems!" Then he took out the necklace that my father and I had bought. My mother said happily with the necklace, "really! What a pleasant

  surprise! Baby can learn is better than what all good gift!" Today mom is very happy, because her biggest wish is that I make progress every day. I will study hard and make my mother happy every day.





  The Spring Festival comes after New Year's Day.It's usually in January or February.It's the Chinese New Year's Day.

  The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China.All of the Chinese like this festival.When it comes,people are busy.They usually do some cleaning,go to the stores to buy some new clothes and a lot of meat,vegetables and fruit.

  On the eve of the festival,everyone in the family comes back home from other places.They get together and have a big supper .They eat dumplings,New Year's cake and some other delicious food in their houses.Some people like New Year's cake,but more people think dumplings are the most delicious food of all.Some families have a party.

  They sing,dance and have a good time.I like this festival very much because I can play with my friends and I can get "red envelopes".






  Wetlands and forests, oceans and said the world's three big ecosystems, has been hailed as "kidney of the earth", "natural reservoir" and "natural species library".To strengthen the protection and utilization of the wetland, on February 2, 1971, representatives from 18 countries in the southern coastal city lahm sal signed the "about especially as waterfowl habitat international important wetland convention.To commemorate this initiative, and enhance the public awareness of wetland protection, the convention on wetlands in 1996 at the 19th session of the standing committee decision, since 1997, will each year on February 2, as the world wetlands day.

  We now know, the so-called world wetlands day is to make everyone to protect the environment, care for nature.Forests, wetlands and oceans is now less and less, if you don't have a good protection, wetland will accelerate the reduction, there will be a series of ecological crisis, we are faced with, is a bigger disasters.

  There are more and more lumberjacks, we are more dependent on the forest, the wooden chopsticks, root, wooden crutches...Forests are shrinking, our life, but because the forest became prosperous, we should from now on, protect the ecological balance, the protection and preservation of their homes!






  May is a warm season, May is the season of Thanksgiving, after the years of the long river, unwittingly also ushered in the holy and shining glory of the festival - mother's day. This is a sacred holiday, just like a mother's love is sacred love.

  Mother, a respectable and kindly word. Looking forward to the course of our growth, who will give you the warmest embrace when we encounter disaster in our life? When you win the first victory in your life, who is in your ear to tell you not to be proud? Whenever we remember, maybe we will read together: mother. Yes, it's a mother.

  Mother is the mother of greatness and kindness. But what can we do in the eyes of mothers? Do we have to ask for a sense of shame and ask for nothing in return? No That's right. Let's accompany our mother's day to send our best wishes to our dearest mother. Wish all the mother's day in the world happy!




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